When the masks finally come off, will yours?

As a child I remember Saturday morning cartoons, my favourite one by far was The Lone Ranger.

He was a cowboy and he always wore a mask, not over has mouth but over his eyes. Of course it had 2 eye holes in! But he fascinated me as a young child. He was fearless and great horse rider and was always doing good. His sidekick was Tonto he never wore a mask. I used to think to myself, “I wonder what the Lone Ranger looks like without his mask on, and why is he hiding behind it?”

I never found out.

Nowadays we see most people masked up, it’s sometimes hard to recognise friends with half their face covered, it’s also difficult to hear them.

Masks mask much more than a face.

We have I would guess at one time or another all wore our own mask. Sure it might not be visible but we wear it. It’s that invisible mask that often hides a part of us we would rather others never see. A mask of shame, maybe guilt or regret, but never the less, it’s still a mask. Some can wear this mask for years, it becomes part of who they are. The hidden part.

Relationships may well suffer, as no one wants to be with someone long term who refuses to fully be themselves. To hide a part of your past is to hide a part of your present and your future.

Soon many people will be taking off their masks in public, will you?

Soon masks will be a thing of the past, something we did throughout 2019-2021 the masked years we might say.

Hey, if you are still wearing an invisible mask from a part of your past, it’s time to remove it. As a confession coach it’s my role to help you unpack the past, with its pain and trauma and see things differently. Part of what I do I call ‘Ready, Steady , Go’ my website confessioncoach.com explains what this and how it will help you to remove the mask from which you still sadly wear. Well, now it’s time to remove it and face life full on.

I’m with you, together we have got this, OK.

No more Lone Ranger cover up, no more hiding a part of your past. We have all made mistakes.

Unmask, be free from the past and embrace your future.

Book your 1 to 1 session, and set yourself free from the past.

Wayne, The Confession Coach

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