The VAT man wants a word with you!

I was tempted to call this “Your VAT is overdue.”

It seems if you have ever run your own business these 3 letters can strike terror into you. I bet even if you do not have a business you still know what the initials V.A.T stand for.
Value Added Tax, basically 20% handed over to the VAT man, earning the government millions upon millions of pounds.

But what if VAT stood for something more, something that increased our value, not decreased it?

What if these 3 letters could somehow empower us with a higher purpose for living?

Can we together change our view of VAT for today at least?

For today only I’m asking you to see these 3 initials as a positive statement, a goal to aim for. I’m asking you to consider VAT as a life changing opportunity.

  • Vulnerable
  • Authentic
  • Transparent

If only mankind was willing to live each day a little more vulnerable, a lot more authentic and aiming for a fully transparent life. How amazing would our lives actually be!

But we instead choose to hide, we hide behind a mask of ‘I’m fine thanks’. It’s tragic isn’t it?

We have messed up, made errors of judgment, maybe done stupid things we regret, so we clam up, we hide.

Well the good news is ….. the VAT man wants a word with you, he wants you to take a risk, he wants you to trust in the power of vulnerable honesty. He is asking to speak with an absolute authentic voice, no more masks. Above all he is wants you to be totally transparent in you words your actions and your deeds.

Let me share with you the biggest secret when it comes to confession….. it’s finding the courage to take on the VAT man, because your VAT is overdue. Confession allows you the best opportunity of becoming vulnerable, authentic in your words and transparent in both your past your present and your future.

As a confession coach I help people realise there is no benefit at all avoiding what happened, no point in denying it, hiding it, or worse still lying about it.

These 3 letters VAT can change your life.

Vulnerability will empower you with humility. Authenticity in any adult is an attractive attribute to possess. Anyone who aims for total transparency in life is sure to be a better role model for the next generation.

But here’s the problem, are you willing to risk it, do you have that courage to try, to surrender and become a VAT man or woman.

As always the ball is in your court, hide and avoid, or come clean and face the future, stronger from your mistakes of the past.

Remember, it’s only life and non of us will get out of it alive, so chose a life that addresses the past and use it to transform your future.

Wayne, The Confession Coach

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