Magnifying the 3C’s

This will be a short post. There is a reason for that. I really want you to remember it.

It’s far easier to remember 3 things on a list than 13 things yes?

So, are you ready?

Most people have something from their past they hide. It’s fear that prevents them from speaking it out. So they conceal it, when really they know they should confess it.

Conceal verses confess.

When we focus on a past mistake, whatever it might be, a kiss, a cuddle with someone other than our partner, a porky pie (lie) a poor life choice, whatever it is, when we focus our attention on it we enlarge it.

When we look at a pin head through a microscope it seems huge, when in reality it’s just a tiny pin head. It’s the same with regrets and mistakes, when we silently focus on them we enlarge them, so our fear increases. We then further conceal this incident.

However when we confess it, speak it out, say it out loud we diminish it’s size and it’s importance. Why? Because we see it in it’s truth and in truth, this huge pin head mistake was in fact not worth the agonising pain we have put ourselves through.

We have and will mess up in this thing we call life.

Accept it, you and me are not perfect, far from it my friend! Yet when we re-adjust our focus we can see that we all fall short sometimes.

Everyone does.

So far we have looked at 2 C’s. Conceal and confess. Let me tell you it’s very unlikely you will go directly from concealing your mistake to confessing it without the next big C.

There is a word which sits between conceal and confess, it’s the word confront.
You see it’s easy to conceal a secret you are never going to confront, but it’s hard to find the courage to confess a secret without first confronting it head on.

When we can confront what we once concealed we can then confess it.

So when we magnify these three words each beginning with the letter C, we can see that all 3 are needed if we are to release the pain the shame and the self critical blame we have put ourselves under for too long. It’s time to let it go, it’s time to confront what happened and see it in its reality.

Remember- Before we can confess what we once concealed we must first confront it.
If you need support and a guide to navigate your way through this aspect of Confession do get in touch, together we’ve got this.

Wayne, The Confession Coach

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