How to live authentically

Well, how about we start with you. With that person you saw in the mirror this morning. Yep, how about we start with that person.

You see until we decide to live authentically with self, we will never achieve it with others.

But how do we begin this? What’s the benefit? How long will it take?

OK, how about we begin right now.

Answer this question. What does living authentically look like to you?

Take a moment, really feel into this question…… Did your answer include, living free from guilt, shame or regret? Did it include being able to look at myself in the mirror and see truth and open honestly staring me back?

I hope so.

Did it also include sleeping soundly with nothing weighing heavy on the mind? Because being authentic means coming from a real place within. It is when our actions and words are congruent with our beliefs and values. It is being honest with ourselves, whilst admitting we have made mistakes but are willing to make amends to put them right.

It’s when our head, heart and soul all sing the same tune.

You see living authentically is dealing with the past in a way that sets it straight once and for all.
It means doing the work, the self work.

It means examining our past to see what we did that caused ourself or others pain, and not repeating it. It means searching for ways to live purer both now and in future.

It means looking for the lessons in our mistakes and not critically judging ourselves.

Remember we are still ‘a work in progress’ we are progressing in our desire to be truly authentic in word, deed and thought, with nothing false or fake.

So be kind to yourself. Smile at your reflection in the mirror. I know, it’s not an easy ask is it? That’s possibly why many people will chose not to do the self work. I hope that’s not you.

Living authentically is living your best life.

Making time for yourself, putting real values on those small incidental moments that bring a sense of warmth within. Hugging your pet, treating yourself to some flowers, learning new skills, tasting your words, by that I mean considering what you say to yourself and others.

Making sure your words, your actions and your thoughts are in harmony, and taking action when they are not.

If you feel compelled and motivated to pursue this course of living then you are choosing a higher path. So be prepared to be challenged.

When I am sat listening to a clients confession, I am also listening to them clearing out the ghosts of their past. Making a clean sweep, a fresh start often involves taking a few steps back before traversing forward.

Confession is a mental and emotional detox, it’s removing poisonous thinking, toxic memories and laying them to rest.

What follows is a self cleansing process, a new way of living lighter, living more conscious and authentically.

It starts with recognising where life took a wrong turn and making that decision to change. Self work, is self examination, seeing what’s not working, what’s holding you back and them committing to put it right.

Suppression verses confession. Living authentically is no longer suppressing yourself but expressing yourself, and that begins with confession.

If you are ready to start this process, I’m more than ready to listen to you, to help you, and to walk that journey with you.

…. Sometimes we need to make a decision, that may hurt the heart but will heal the soul. Making that decision to live authentically may be the best decision you ever make.

Wayne, The Confession Coach

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