Drop the ego and see what happens

Oh it’s that word again! That word that is almost guaranteed to cause an argument in so many people.

Here’s the word…. 3 little letters with a huge capability to cause suffering.


How can such a tiny insignificant word do so much harm?

There’s a quote in the Bible which says, Galatians 5:9;
“A little leaven leavens the whole loaf .”

Or to put it simpler;
“A little yeast works through the whole batch of dough.”

It doesn’t take much yeast to completely change its environment, the dough.

It’s the same in our minds, a little ego can infect and affect the whole of our thinking, our belief system and our behaviour. Once it’s in it can be difficult to remove it, but unlike yeast from dough, ego can be removed. But not overnight.

Here’s a question to ponder; have you ever completely cleaned out a kitchen cupboard? I mean everything taken out? So it’s completely empty and bare. If your mind was a kitchen cupboard can I politely ask you when you last emptied it? Completely?

You see, the reason I ask this question is this… When a person confesses, they in effect ‘empty out the contents of their mind.’ The clutter, the half opened truths, the packet of little white lies, and the unopened box of secrets kept hidden at the back. You know the saying as well as I do…. ‘Out of sight out of mind’. Or so we like to think.

But the truth of the matter is, we know where our secrets lie, we know where we keep them, hidden within. Ego says, ‘and that’s where they’ll stay’ heart says ‘but this is slowly killing me with guilt, shame and pain’ ego says‘. So what, you have come this far you can carry on’ heart says ‘I have to clear out the pain of the past ‘ and so the battle continues year after year. Suffering in silence while we put on a brave face to the world outside.

Ego has a strength we struggle to conquer. Because its commanders are pride and fear. Pride will go to great lengths to maintain its position and fear will prevent any attack upon itself.

Now we can see how this tiny word packs such a powerful punch. The heart says surrender to what is past and become more alive to present. Ego listens to the whispers of fear and says just the opposite.

However, we can do something to overcome this plight. We can drop the ego with an open, heartfelt confession. You see, when we drop our egoic nature our mind becomes our servant and not our master.

Oh, to have a mind that sits quietly in the passenger seat and not the drivers seat. To allow peace and presence the space to guide us to our destination.

Confession is a way of dropping the ego and all it stands for. There is no pride in a tearful confession, there is no fear either. Both are powerless to a heart that is open to surrender to its past and willing to embrace peace.

Stop arguing with yourself.

Listen to logic, listen to love, listen to your heart.

Drop ego, it only serves self, thriving on dark secrets, pride and fear. Do you really want these uppermost in your life?

I admire all who come to confess, I admire their courage for sure, but above all I admire their willingness to drop their ego and change their outlook on life.

Are you looking for that change in yours?

Wayne, The Confession Coach

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