Drop critical self talk it’s not serving you

How do you suddenly drop that self critical non stop negative chatter? The same way you would drop a hot coal if it was placed in your hand, quickly!

To hold on to it would be beyond foolish, right? Yet in all honesty how often have you found yourself berating your abilities to navigate life.

How often do we slate ourselves for our silly choices we may have made? We subconsciously tear chunks out of ourselves in a way we would never tolerate from anyone else.

When we ride a wave of negative, self critical thought we know it’s not going to lead us anywhere positive. It never can.

External bruises can be seen internal ones cannot. When we self sabotage, we in effect self harm. We bruise ourselves within. The body keeps the score. It absorbes the mental pain, which in turn takes its toll upon each one of us.

Heartache manifests itself in the eyes, they lack any sparkle, fear manifests itself in our skin, pale and Sallow looking. Emotional torment manifests itself in our breathing we sigh too much.

So our body displays externally what is happening internally. The sad and tragic thing is we actually allow this to happen. I know, it’s crazy isn’t it? Why do we accept this poor treatment of ourselves?

So, may I ask you this simple question? What value do you place upon you? I truly hope it’s high, very high.

The pain of the past can do an awful lot of damage. Are you prepared to deal with it? Are you ready to silence your critic within? Ready to change the record? Put on a more positive upbeat ass-shaking self affirming track? One that empowers you to greater heights?

In my line of work as a confession coach, I am always slightly in awe of my clients. I see first hand the enormous effort they are putting into themselves, and their own deep inner healing.

They rightly see confessing their pain as a way of ridding their mind of self critical talk, and choosing an open and honest approach instead.

There is no comeback on truth.

Truth stands upright on its own.

Lies and secrets need elaborate stories, stories that will one day be exposed.

The truth will set you free. It was designed to.

Lies will ensnare and entangle you.

So choose wisely.

When you lie about the past self critical talk has a field day.

When you choose truth and open confession, all Critical self talk is silenced in a sea of honesty and humility.

Love steps in to take its place.

Come on now, make a decision, what’s it going to be from this day forward? Critical self talk that displays itself in your eyes your skin and even your breath, or truth and confession that sets you free from the pain of the past?

Remember, we all have skeletons in the closet of our mind, it takes courage to face them and remove them.

I hope you can find the courage to open the door on your past a deal with it once and for all.

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Wayne, The Confession Coach

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