Don’t make the shame mistake

Is that a typo error. Nope.

It’s there to simply grab, hold and challenge your rational thinking.

We want it to read “don’t make the same mistake”. Yet that’s not what it’s actually saying. What it is saying is slightly more difficult to read and process. We don’t make the shame mistake, or do we?

Ask anyone who is willing to be honest if they have ever suffered with shame, chances are there will be many many more people than you could imagine who have, and still are living with silent shame.

It takes root in the mind, and grows disproportionately. Why? Because we feed it!

Yes, we feed it more of the same thoughts.

But what is shame?

Well, we feel shame when we violate the social norms we believe in. At such moments we are going to feel humiliated, exposed and small. We will be unable to look another person straight in the eye. We want to sink into the ground and disappear. Shame makes us direct our focus inward and view our entire self in a negative light.

Who wants to live life on those terms?

Rather than accepting such feelings we ought to ought be ousting them from its hidden place and kicking it out. Exposing our shame is the best way of ridding it from our minds.

But who can we talk to?
What will their response be?
How do we even begin?

As a confession coach I often come across these questions. To open up is to confess, to confess is to address whatever it is that has been trapped inside the mind.

When we find someone who is trained to listen, to empathise, and to never judge, we feel a safety that allows us open dialogue and genuine honesty to finally “let it all out”.

As well as being liberating this is also a healthy way to address life’s issues, dealing with challenges head on instead of hiding them.

I’m here to help!

I’m here to help you, to guide you and to assist you in ridding the shame from your past.

Yes we have all made mistakes but don’t think hiding it is the answer, it’s not. Just remember, to confess is to confront. So, from today you can chose. Leave things the way they are, or make a decision, which says, no more.

No more living with the shame mistakes.
No more wanting to remain small, hidden and embarrassed.

I challenge you, to confront the past, by doing this, the future will open up in all its purity and beauty. Do not make the shame mistake. Take action, take control, take back your dignity and your self respect.

Step by step I will help you, guide and support you through this.

Wayne, The Confession Coach

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