I want to ask you right now to think of 5 words that will go before, less.

Did you come up with five?

What was top of your list? Hope(less)? Worth(less)? …maybe you thought or reck(less) or shameless?

Careless is bound to come in there at some point. You see what ever word precedes less, somehow becomes less in itself.

Have you ever thought you were less? The moment we even begin to think such a thing we start to become it, mentally, and then emotionally. The moment we see ourselves as less, be it in confidence, ability, or even academically we are on a downward spiral.

I think, I feel, I act, I become.

It all starts with thought.

We need to protect our thoughts, to guard them, examine them and be prepared to gently challenge them when necessary.

All suicides start with thoughts of less, I’m worthless, my life’s hopeless, I’ve behaved reckless, therefore I must be less.

It’s here where we need to quickly address our negative and deeply harmful thought. How do we do this?

By stopping that silent self talk, and speaking openly and out loud to someone. Silent words and thoughts go in circles within the mind, but once we say them out loud we release them. Once they are released they can be addressed, challenged, accepted and corrected.

Talking is connecting, and connecting is healing. You want to change your thoughts, talk.
You want to address past incidents that have been locked away in the corners of your mind, talk.
You want to cry, scream and shout about your pain, do it, and then talk.
Talking saves lives, make no mistake about it. Talking literally can save a life.

But what if you feel you cannot ever talk about a past incident, what if you could never tell your closest friend your hidden secret, your shameful past, or your reckless night you still regret.

Then don’t tell them, but tell someone. Someone who does not know you, someone who will not judge you. Above all someone who will listen to you!

As a confession coach I have listened to many such stories. True, each one is uniquely different, yet each one is so similar. Pain, torment, and self loathing can be common to each story, yet once spoken these feelings soon dissipate.


Well because that cyclical thinking has been stopped and replaced with careful reasoning. Once we can see the reason we did something we can begin to understand self a little more. The more we understand self the more likely we are to become our best ally, and not our worst enemy. Confession sets free the feelings we have held on to for too long, it opens up a way for self forgiveness to enter in. If you have felt trapped by feelings of less, consider confession as a way of fixing these thoughts.

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Wayne, The Confession Coach