Acceptance changes everything

There’s something almost magical about this word, acceptance. Think of any situation you might find yourself in right now, and ask yourself will acceptance help?

Let’s say you are trying your hand at meditation to try and still your mind, but as you try to meditate all sorts of thoughts come to mind. So you try and force these thoughts out, and what happens? They stick around, they refuse to shift. No matter how hard your try to push them out they just seem to cling on even more.

There’s a saying, ‘What you resist will persist’.

In other words what you put a resistance against becomes a force, a battle of sorts, one pitched against the other. So this ‘battle’ commences between what you want to let go of and what remains. The problem is it’s only you, in a battle with yourself. When you choose to accept the thought there is no battle. So the thought however silly, however difficult damaging or hurtful will pass, because it has met with no resistance.

Have you ever met someone who was looking for an argument and you choose not to engage in one. Sure they might shout and splutter on for a few minutes but when they see you are not going to engage in a verbal battle they soon move on. So too with our thoughts.

When we accept a thought, and note it, ‘Oh, I’m thinking about that argument I had last week’ then allow it to pass by, like a cloud blocking the sun for a few moments. This will always help, when thoughts suddenly appear in our minds.

But what does this have to do with confession? Much indeed.

Sometimes thoughts seem to persist, the same thought, the same incident played over and over again. You accept the thought, but know deep down inside of you that you really need to communicate this thought. When you know you need to talk but withhold from doing so, you again set up this ‘mental and emotional battle ground within’.

This battle can last years, taking its toll both mentally and physically. Just look at the word disease or dis-ease, it’s your body telling you, ‘enough is enough’ accept what has happened and let it out. When we accept that, then we can move on to actually taking action.

That might be finding a confession coach or someone else to talk to, the very art of talking your thoughts out will allow the transformation of self to commence. This is when everything changes, for when acceptance leads to confession all internal battles cease and healing can begin.

Wayne, The Confession Coach

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